““I truly value independent efforts, and even more when they take risks as high as the ones taken in ‘The Last Dogma’, so while, maybe the final product is not as great as it could have been, it’s fair to say that I’m looking forward to new developments from Sasha Darko and his crew. (1.3b Review)”
79/100 – Guns and Pixels


“It’s a very surrealist take on a rapid descent into madness of current political affairs. There’s enough plot ends going at any given time that it can be a bit confusing, but for my part, I rather quite enjoyed the sense of working out this bizarre world, and to it’s credit it does work out. I also enjoyed the fact that beyond a simple overaching point there really isn’t any judgement made here. (1.3b Review)”
Neutral – Highland Arrow


“To sum up, the game is really satisfying. I am not sure that everyone will like it but I recommend it. It is not the classic shooter game or adventure game and it is a game where contact is better to be avoided because sometimes it can lead to death. (1.2.1b Review)”
7/10 – Grab The Games


This is not a game for everyone. This is a game for people who love b-movies, absurd conspiracies, random LULZ, unconventional videogames that don’t take themselves too seriously, Francis York Morgan and the narrator from Stanley Parable.

Unseen64 creator, WeAreComplicated.net

The Last Dogma is a black comedy adventure game set in the year 1999 of an alternate reality world, where US actively campaigns for world domination after being disappointed with the results of the Cold War. A social satire inspired by nothing, free of clichés.

You play as Sebastian Arise, an ATF special agent tasked with the tracking and eradication of local firearms dealers. One day straightforward tracking mission turns into disaster, thrusting him into the village of cannibalistic Christian cult known as “Holy Intentions”. Entwined in a web of intrigues between emotion-feeding daemons, Sebastian must keep his senses sharp as he travels back in 1366 A.D. to stop the things he shouldn’t stop.

The game is a reboot of Sacred Line Genesis, horror text adventure game for Sega Genesis which got an official cartridge release in February 2015.
Recommended for fans of Killer7, Deadly Premonition, Normality and Pathologic (NOT INSPIRED by them), for open-minded people who prefer story and exploration over action and for people who are still looking for secrets in the games they play. Also for people who love movies of Richard Kelly, David Lynch and Quentin Dupieux.


- Unpredictable, surreal and grimdark story which features two different storylines with their own endings
- Original soundtrack featuring epic orchestral music, melodic instrumental rock, ambient and shamisen dance electro
- Professionally recorded voice acting from the actors of Stasis, Kholat, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Strike Vector, Huntsman: The Orphanage and Deadstar
- Atmospheric environments open for exploration
- Hotkey based adventure system with the use of “Look,” “Investigate”, “Talk” and “Take” commands
- Lots of well-hidden secrets, including “Secret World” campaign where you’ll meet the Narrator


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